Our Story
For over 18 years the goal of Saucers Cafe has been to deliver the freshest, healthiest, foods we possibly can, while being as globally conscious as possible. Everything from the humble grassroots beginnings of compostable take outs, to never selling fried foods. Purchasing and supporting local farmers and artisans the likes of Greenland Gardens tomatoes, Smak Dab mustards, and countless local meat producers.
We have taken this mantra forward with the ability to serve only local beers, compostable straws, and further nurturing our local producers. As we continue to strive for more options that our guests can be proud to purchase, as well as effortlessly eat consciously, and as healthy as possible without sacrificing flavour (or diets ;).
Store Hours:

Affected by covid, subject to change

Currently Closed

11am-8pm Tuesday to Thursday

11am-8pm Friday

11am-8pm Saturday

Closed Sundays and long weekends!

Please contact us for reservations, take out, or catering at 204-489-9204

Or email requests to office@saucerscafe.com

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