Here you will find all our in house specialties


Thai Salad  chicken 15    shrimp 16 cf*

romaine. rice noodles. carrots. red peppers. cucumbers.

fresh herbs. peanuts. peanut dressing.

Mexican Salad  15  cf*

romaine. corn salsa. black beans. tomatoes. avocado.

green onions. cilantro. honey cumin lime vinaigrette.

corn chips. adobo chicken.

Caesar Salad  10

romaine. caesar dressing. croutons. parmesan.

Spinach Salad  10  cf*

spinach. mushrooms. tomatoes. red onion.

feta cheese. sundried tomato vinaigrette.

add protein, herb chicken 5 :  baked salmon 7 :  skewered shrimp 6


Wraps & Sandwiches


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Soup of the day

Cheddar Broccoli Soup

Caesar Salad

Spinach Salad  cf*

Mexican Salad  add adobo chicken $2  cf*

Thai Salad add Thai chicken $2 cf*

Potato Wedges  cf*

make it celiac friendly…put it on lettuce


Peanut Thai Wrap  13

chicken. peanut sauce. rice noodles. lettuce. red pepper.

carrots. fresh herbs. peanuts.

Veggie Wrap  12

arugula. avocado. roasted red pepper. cucumber.

alfalfa sprouts. feta cheese. aioli.

Southwest Chicken Wrap  13

bbq chicken. red peppers. corn salsa. lettuce. chipotle


Chicken Salad Sandwich  full 13   half  10

chicken salad. cucumber. alfafa sprouts. lettuce. tomato. mayonnaise.


Turkey & Cheese Sandwich  full 13   half  10

house roasted turkey breast. havarti cheese. lettuce.

tomato. Smakdab mustard. pesto mayonnaise.


Turkey Avocado Bacon Sandwich  14

house roasted turkey. avocado. bacon. onion relish. arugula. aioli. kaiser bun. served warm.


Herb Roasted Chicken Sandwich  14

herb chicken. havarti cheese. chipotle mayo.

lettuce. tomato. kaiser bun. served warm.


Chicken Brie Sandwich  15

chicken breast. brie. prosciutto. fig jam. arugula.

aioli. kaiser bun. served warm.


Pulled Pork Sandwich  13

house roasted pull pork. bbq sauce. coleslaw. kaiser.


South of the Border


Chicken Quesadillas  14

adobo chicken. cheddar cheese. mozzarella cheese.

tomatoes. green onions. sour cream. salsa.


Nachos  13  cf*

corn chips. cheddar cheese. mozzarella. tomatoes.

green onions. jalapeños. sour cream. guacamole.


add adobo chicken  4    add pulled pork  4


Burrito  14  adobo chicken  or  pulled pork

Mexi rice. guajillo sauce. mozzarella cheese.

side of sour cream. guacamole. corn chips.



Baked Chorizo Gnocchi  15

house made gnocchi. chorizo sausage. red peppers.

sun dried tomato cream sauce. garlic bread.


Baked Chicken Gnocchi  15

house made gnocchi. chicken. mushrooms.

spinach. pesto cream sauce. garlic bread.


Curry  chicken  16  shrimp  19  cf*

red peppers. carrots. onions. cilantro.

green curry sauce. jasmine rice.


Chicken Satay  15

chicken skewers. peanut sauce. jasmine rice.

Seasonal Vegetables.

Salmon 21  cf*

oven roasted salmon. russet potato wedges.

corn salsa. feta cheese.

Adobo Shrimp  21  cf*

oven seared shrimp. chipotle sauce. cilantro.

Mexican crema. Spanish rice. avocado. lime.



(house baked crust)


Chorizo & Bacon  15

house tomato sauce. chorizo sausage. bacon. red onion. mozzarella cheese.

Spinach. Mushroom. Feta  14

pesto. spinach. roasted mushrooms. tomatoes.

mozzarella cheese. feta cheese.

BBQ Chicken   15

bbq sauce. bbq roasted chicken breast. bacon. balsamic onions. mozzarella cheese.

Four Cheese  14

house tomato sauce. fresh tomatoes. mozzarella. feta. cheddar. parmesan. fresh basil.

Seasonal Pizza  15

inquire what we are featuring this month.


What to feed the kids ?
cheese pizza 7
chicken fingers 7
cheese quesadillas 7
turkey & cheese sandwich 7


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